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what would happen if Greece out of the euro zone?

It has been two and a half year program is run by the promise of the Greek bailout will conduct economic reforms. However, in 2012, the recession continued to advance to the fifth year, and exacerbated by political turmoil in Greece. The European Union still want Greece to remain in the euro zone, but also consider the possibility of a Greek exit from the eurozone. Actually, what would happen if Greece out of the euro zone?


If Greece out of the euro zone, with the unemployment rate currently at 21.7 percent, would be much more suffering. Do not have the money to finance the economy. No more help from the European Zone.

Greek currency, the drachma, would fall by 50 percent against the euro. With that scenario, the Greek people will try to withdraw euro cash in a bank account before converting to the drachma whose value far below the euro.

The shareholders in Greece will also sell their shares for the same reasons. When the financial markets in disarray and lost deposits, banks will certainly collapse.

Firms memunyai Greek debt in euro of foreign borrowers, for example, will see their debt will be many times when assessed in drachmas.

There is no other possibility except bankrupt. If you go bankrupt, will incur a huge loss for the 17 countries using the euro currency since most countries in the region, notably France and Germany, are creditors or holders of Greek government bonds.

The credibility of the countries that are members of the euro single currency became questionable, the effects of the crisis will impact on European countries that others, especially those who also was lackluster as Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Other more prosperous countries of the euro zone - Germany, France, the Netherlands, Finland and Austria - likely also could not escape the impact. Bank they have a lot of Spanish and Italian government debt. With such uncertainty will be greater, and investors will be disappointed, world stock markets may also decline.

IT IS THE WORST SCENARIO. OPINION THAT THERE ARE ALSO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT WILL NOT IMPACT Greek exit BIG. Not everyone agrees a Greek exit would be a disaster for the euro zone. Greece is a small country, only about 2.5 percent of the 9 trillion euro zone economic value. And it will not be a total destruction. The possibility of a Greek exit from the Euro zone have also appeared on the market since the end of 2009. The European countries and banks there is probably already preparing the worst-case scenario

Let's see how it goes. Happy investing.

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